DR & AJU Serious Accident Group 2024-05-17
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What Has Changed in Maximum Sentences for Violating Serious Accidents Prevention Act (SAPA)? The Need for SAPA Compliance Certification (SCC)

In a case where a Nepalese worker died due to an industrial accident at an automotive parts manufacturing company in Yangsan City, the court sentenced the CEO of the company to two years in prison, the Executive Director to one year and a half in prison, and fined the company KRW 100 million.
This marks the 15th case since the enactment of the Serious Accidents Punishment Act (SAPA) in which the maximum sentence was imposed despite reaching a settlement with the victim.
The court considered the failure to heed the warnings of the Korea Industrial Safety Association (KISA) and implement corrective measures as an aggravating factor.
DR & AJU has been providing the SAPA Compliance Certification (SCC) in cooperation with the KISA.
The SCC enables proactive measures against potential hazards in industrial sites,  facilitating risk prevention, identification, and improvement of new risk factors, thereby allowing for pre-emptive responses to serious accidents.