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Mr. Hyo Shang KANG is a senior advisor at DR & AJU LLC. His practice is primarily focused on Corporate, Technology, Media & Telecom, Legislative Strategy, Transportation, Industrial Accident, Healthcare & Environment, and North America.


      • Chief Executive Officer, Kyung-In Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (2023)
      • Chief Director, Korea Employment Welfare Pension Institute (2020-Present)
      • Director, Special Olympics Korea (2011-2020)
      • Member, The National Assembly (Proportional Representative, United Future Party) (2020)
      • Deputy Floor Leader, United Future Party (2020)
      • Member, House Steering Committee, The National Assembly (2018)
      • Deputy Floor Leader, Liberty Korea Party (2018-2020)
      • Member, Environment and Labor Committee (second half term of The 20th National Assembly) Liberty Korea Party (2018)
      • Chairperson, Steering Committee of the Daegu City Dalseo District Member Council, Liberty Korea Party (2018-2020)
      • Member, Special Committee on Judicial Reform, The National Assembly (2018)
      • Chief of Staff to the Party Leader, Liberty Korea Party (2017-2018)
      • Member, Science, ICT, Broadcasting, And Communications Committee (first half term of The National Assembly) (2017)
      • Spokesperson, Liberty Korea Party (2017)
      • Head, Committee Against Control of Broadcasting , Liberty Korea Party (2017)
      • Member, Special Committee on THAAD Countermeasures, Liberty Korea Party (2017)
      • Member, Special Committee on Personnel Hearings on the Consent to Appoint Candidate Nakyon Lee as Prime Minister (2017)
      • Director, Media Headquarters of the Liberty Korea Party’s Central Election Committee (2017)
      • Vice-Chairman, Future Special Committee of the Liberty Korea Party Policy Committee (2017)
      • Member, The National Assembly (Proportional Representative/ Liberty Korea Party) (2017-2020)
      • Member, Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment, The National Assembly (2017)
      • Member, Future Creative Science, Broadcasting and Communication Committee in the first half of The National Assembly (2016-2017)
      • Vice-Chairman, Future Special Committee, Policy Committee, Saenuri Party (2016-2017)
      • Member, The National Assembly (Proportional Representative/Saenuri Party) (2016-2017)
      • Director of the Future Strategy Office and Editorial writer, The Chosun Ilbo (2015)
      • Chairperson, Steering Committee, Korea News Editors’ Association (2015)
      • Director, Korea News Editors’ Association (2013)
      • Editor-in-Chief, The Chosun Ilbo (2013)
      • Director, Press Headquarters, TV Chosun (2011)
      • Chief Executive Officer, Chosun Biz (2010)
      • Deputy Editor-in-Chief, The Chosun Ilbo (2010
      • Head, Management Directors’ Council, Korean Association of Newspapers (2009)
      • Director, Management Planning Office, The Chosun Ilbo (2008)
      • Member, Special Subcommittee on the Enactment of the National Bar Examination Act, Ministry of Justice (2008)
      • Director, Social Affairs Department, The Chosun Ilbo (2006)
      • Training Course, Harvard University (2005)
      • Director, Industry Department, The Chosun Ilbo (2004)
      • Acting Director, Economy Department, The Chosun Ilbo (2002)
      • Correspondent, The Chosun Ilbo (Washington D.C.) (1997)
      • American University (LLM in International Law, 2000)
      • College of Law, Seoul National University (LLB, 1985)
      • Daegu Daegun High School (1979)
      • Korean
      • English

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