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Mr. Byung Cheol CHOI is a partner at DR & AJU LLC. His practice is primarily focused on Criminal Defense Litigation, Election & Regulation, Construction & Real Estate, and Administrative Procedure & Litigation.
In particular, Mr. CHOI takes part in a variety of criminal litigations such as economic crimes and tax crimes. He served as a judge for 22 years before starting his career as a lawyer. For the final 2 years, he served as the chief judge of the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Agreement Department, dealing with important criminal cases, including economic cases, tax criminal cases, election cases and other important criminal cases.

Based on his extensive experience in trial practice and recent experience in criminal cases, he carefully analyzes and predicts from what perspective judges will look at and judge cases, thereby establishing optimal defense strategies for clients in various criminal cases, and providing realistic legal defense measures and high-quality services in civil cases.


      • DR & AJU LLC (2019-Present)
      • Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court (Panel of Judges for Criminal Cases) (2017-2019)
      • Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court (Exclusive Civil Construction) (2016)
      • Professor, Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea (Criminal) (2013)
      • Presiding Judge, Busan District Court (2012)
      • Research Judge, Supreme Court (2010)
      • Judge, Seoul High Court (2008)
      • Judge, Seoul Western District Court (2006)
      • Judge, Seoul Central District Court (2004)
      • Judge, Suwon District Court (2001)
      • Judge, Chuncheon District Court (1997)
      • Judicial Research and Training Institute (1997)
      • College of Law, Seoul National University (LLB, 1990)
      • Gimhae High School (1985)
      • Admitted to Bar, Korea (1997)
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