Dong Yang CHO


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Mr. Dong Yang CHO is a partner at DR & AJU LLC. His practice is primarily focused on National Defense, Criminal Defense Litigation, North Korea, National Defense, and Legislative Strategy.
Mr. CHO served as General Counsel at the Ministry of National Defense in 2008.


      • DR & AJU LLC (2011-Present)
      • General Counsel, Ministry of National Defense (2008)
      • Chief Judge, High Court for Armed Force, Ministry of National Defense (2008)
      • Judge Advocate General, Republic of Korea Army (2006)
      • Deputy Section Chief, High Court for Armed Force (2003)
      • Director, Judicial Office, ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff (2001)
      • Judge Advocate, 2nd Operations Command (2000)
      • Chief of Judicial Affairs, Office of Judge Advocate General, ROK Army Headquarters (1998)
      • Judge Advocate, Capital Defense Command (1995)
      • Judge Advocate, 1st Operations Command (1993)
      • Judge Advocate, The 50th Infantry Division (1991)
      • Military Judge, General Military Court, Army Headquarters (1990)
      • Deputy Justice Officer, Army Chief of Staff (1989)
      • Judge Advocate, The 36th Infantry Division (1988)
      • Military Prosecutor, ROK III Corps (1987)
      • Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea (1986)
      • Military Prosecutor, General Military Court (1985)
      • Advanced Management Program, Dongguk University (2010)
      • Advanced Management Program, Tsinghua University (2009)
      • Wellness Program for Top Managers, Course, Korea National Sport University (2008)
      • Advanced Management Program, Wonkwang University (2006)
      • Advanced Course of the National Electronic Government, KAIST (2004)
      • Graduate School of Law, Yonsei University (LLM, 1984)
      • College of Law, Yonsei University (LLB, 1982)
      • Andong High School (1978)
      • Admitted to Bar, Korea (1986)
      • Korean

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