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Mr. Kyu Chul LEE is a managing partner at DR & AJU LLC. Mr. Lee has successfully carried out various tax cases based on his professional experience through employment in the administration of Seoul High Court and as Research Judge of Supreme Court of Korea since his employment as Judge of Seoul Western District Court starting from 1993.
Mr. Lee also carried out cases relating to construction companies including principal contribution and indirect cost of construction companies such as Samsung C&T, GS E&C Corporation and Dongbu Corporation, and property crimes such as embezzlement and breach of trust, which occur in the CEOs' managing process of large corporations. He also takes charge of cases about violation of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act in connection with listed corporations as he served as a member of the Committee for Substantial Investigation of Delisting on KOSDAQ and a member of the KOSDAQ CEO Forum.

Mr. Lee was appointed as Special Prosecutor for investigation into the scandal of former president Geun Hye PARK and Soon Sil CHOI in 2016. He especially provides advisory on public relations of corporations and response to media.


      • Managing Partner, DR & AJU LLC (2018-Present)
      • Spokesperson of Special Investigation Team for South Korean Political Scandal known as "Choi Soon-sil Gate" (2017)
      • Panel, National Tax Law (2014-2016)
      • Mediator, Seoul Central District Court (2014-2015)
      • Panel, Substantial Investigation of Delisting KOSDAQ (2012-2013)
      • Partner, DR & AJU LLC (2010)
      • Chief Judge, Wonju Branch of Chuncheon District Court (2008)
      • Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea (2006)
      • Judge, Seoul High Court (2004)
      • Judge, Seoul Southern District Court (2002)
      • Judge, Seoul Central District Court (2000)
      • Judge, Nonsan branch of Daejeon District Court (1997)
      • Judge, Seoul Central District Court (1995)
      • Judge, Seoul Western District Court (1993)
      • Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea (1993)
      • College of Law, Korea University (LLB, 1987)
      • Seonggwang High School (1983)
      • Admitted to Bar, Korea (1993)
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