Hyun Jung OH


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Ms. Hyun Jung OH is an attorney at DR & AJU. Her practice is primarily focused on Reconstruction & Redevelopment, Construction & Real Estate, Arbitration, Administrative Procedure & Litigation, and General Civil Disputes.
With her systematic understanding of economics and law, Ms. Oh strives to provide optimum legal services through precise analysis of issues and a multi-pronged legal review approach. Her strength especially lies in Administrative Procedure & Litigation, as she completed coursework for a JSD in Administrative Law at Seoul National University and has had continual experience in advisory and litigation for state agencies, local governments, and public enterprises.


      • DR & AJU LLC (2019-Present)
      • Attorney, Law Firm Hyangbeop (2015)
      • Graduate School of Law, Seoul National University (Completed Coursework, PhD in Administrative Law, 2017)
      • School of Law, Seoul National University (JD, 2015)
      • Seoul National University (BA in Economics, 2012)
      • Jamsil Girls' High School (2007)
      • Admitted to Bar, Korea (2015)
      • Korean
      • English
      • French

Representative Activities

  • Representative Matters
      • Advised and carried out litigation on housing development projects of the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation
      • Represented Korea Railroad Corporation and Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation in civil lawsuits on landfill waste for sale
      • Carried out a defamation lawsuit against media companies such as The Chosun Ilbo and The JoongAng
      • Carried out litigation for breach of contract related to local housing associations, confirmation of contractor status, and revocation of approval for business implementation plans
      • Carried out litigation for revocation of approval of business implementation plan related to redevelopment association
      • Represented a land buyer in litigation for damages related to landfill waste of land for sale
      • Carried out a lawsuit against the Housing Redevelopment Association to confirm the contractor's status
      • Represented the Commercial Reconstruction Committee in a claim for sale
      • Advised on commercial building reconstruction
      • Advised on street house maintenance project
      • Carried out litigation for infringement of the right to sunlight, right to view, etc.
      • Carried out lawsuits against collective buildings and apartment defects
      • Represented Urban Development Projects Association in a liquidation lawsuit
      • Represented Defendant (school corporation) in a lawsuit claiming construction cost equivalent to interior expenses
      • Represented POSCO E&C in an arbitration related to additional construction costs due to design modification
      • Carried out litigation for revocation of arbitral award related to Hanjin Shipping
      • Carried out litigation for revocation of imposition of water supply charges

Practice Areas