Dae Hyun KWON


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Mr. Dae Hyun KWON is a partner at DR & AJU LLC. His practice is primarily focused on Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Antitrust & Competition, Intellectual Property, and General Civil Disputes.
Mr. Kwon has professional experience in the said practice areas by successfully providing advisory and carrying out cases.


      • Member, Open Market Autonomous Dispute Mediation Committee (2023-Present)
      • Of Counsel, Seoul Metropolitan Government (2021-Present)
      • Vice President, Seoul Bar Association (2021-Present)
      • Director of International Relations, Seoul Bar Association (2019)
      • DR & AJU LLC (2017-Present)
      • Director of Legal Affairs, GS Home Shopping Co., Ltd. (2014)
      • Antitrust & Competition Department, LG Chem Co., Ltd. (2013)
      • Legal Department, LG Chem Co., Ltd. (2000)
      • Korea University Graduate School (Completed Coursework, PhD in IP Law, 2018)
      • Law Research Program in Fair Trade Law, Seoul National University (2013)
      • Korea University Graduate School (LLM in Commercial Law, 2000)
      • College of Law, Korea University (LLB, 1995)
      • Anyang High School (1989)
      • Admitted to Bar, Korea (2013)
      • Admitted to Patent Bar, Korea (2013)
      • Korean
      • English

Representative Activities

      • Member, Contract Review Committee, Ministry of National Defense (2023-Present)
      • Mediator of Civil Disputes, Seoul Bar Association, Affiliated with the Seoul Central District Court (2022-Present)
      • Committee Member, Seoul Metropolitan Government's Committee on Jobs (2021-Present)
      • Vice Chairman, Viewers' Committee of CJ ENM Commerce Division (2020-Present)
      • Committee Member, Commissioned Transaction Dispute Mediation Council of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2019-Present)
    • 김유정 레일바이크
      • Committee Member, Agency Dispute Mediation Council of the Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency (2019-Present)
      • Committee Member, SME Technical Protection Support Team of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2019-Present)
      • Committee Member, Korea Weightlifting Federation, Sports Fairness Committee (2019-Present)
      • Policy Director, Subcontract Law Society (2019-Present)
      • Advisory Committee Member and Fair Trade Act Lecturer, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership (2018-Present)
      • Legal Advisory Committee Member, Relief for Damage Caused by Unfair Trade, Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2018-Present)
      • Advisory Committee Member, Trade Related IPR Protection Association (2018-Present)
      • Lecturer on Subcontracting Methods, Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Fair Competition Federation (2018-Present)
      • Research Committee Member, Korean Online Shopping Association (2018-Present)
  • Representative Matters
      • Legal Counsel on Antitrust and Competition, Affiliate of GS Retail
      • Advised on litigation of stock options of a bio company
      • Advised on unfair trade practices by logistics system companies
      • Advised on unfair joint actions by business organizations.
      • Applied for suspension of execution of business suspension of distribution conglomerates and filed a lawsuit for revocation of disposition
      • Handled litigation for the prohibition of infringement of trade secrets and disposition of prohibition of transfer.
      • Handled violations of the Trademark Act on counterfeit goods of luxury brands.
      • Consulted on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act under the Trademark Act of pharmaceutical companies
      • Consulted on trademark disputes for restaurant franchises.
      • Advised on copyright infringement of the foundation under the Ministry of Science and ICT
      • Advised large corporations related to EU GDPR.
      • Advised on establishing a multinational corporation J/V.
      • Established a global entertainment company and a domestic joint venture, and consulted on investment in theme parks.
      • Consulted on disputes over management rights between shareholders and stock transfer contracts.
      • Advised on compliance with university hospitals and litigation for damages.
      • Advised on the bankruptcy of a game company and litigation for return of investment
      • Filed a lawsuit against land pollution by a domestic conglomerate.
      • Handled embezzlement and breach of trust of executives and employees of large corporations.
      • Legal Study on Stock Options (Master's thesis)

Practice Areas