Legislation & Government Relations Consulting Center 2021-12-22
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Weekly Legislative Report (For the week of Dec 6, 2021 – Dec 10, 2021)

Weekly Legislative Report (For the week of Dec 6, 2021 – Dec 10, 2021)

As the first-ever Korean law firm to issue specialized legislative journals, DR & AJU LLC has been publishing the monthly Policy & Business (P&B) Report since August 2019. The P&B Report, produced by our Legislation Strategy Center, provides analyses of plenary sessions of the National Assembly, meetings of Standing Committees, and Subcommittee. In addition, the Center has been co-hosting the Future Leaders Forum with the Herald Business, inviting Chairpersons of Standing Committees to discuss relevant legislative issues and tasks.
As an extension to the service, the Center has also been issuing the Weekly Legislative Report covering various legal issues at the center of public debate along with editorials and columns on the Serious Accidents Punishment Act (“SAPA”) from major dailies. The report will be released with an update on newly proposed or pending Bills. Enclosed is this week’s legislative report, and please refer to the P&B Report for further details.
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1. Proposed Bill(s)
① Partial Amendment to the Act on the Management of Public Institutions

This Amendment establishes the labor director system to the resolution of the Public Institution Steering Committee.

② Special Act on Fostering and Supporting Future Motor Vehicles

This Bill provides a legal basis for future automobile-related industry statistics and technology status, establishment and implementation of a technology development roadmap, and the scope of government support related thereto.

2. Pending Bill(s)

③ Economic Promotion and Safety Control of Hydrogen Act

This Bill intends to clarify the concept and the certification process of clean hydrogen, and its subject of development and provision. It also includes provisions authorizing business entities that sell electricity to purchase a certain amount of clean hydrogen to promote clean hydrogen development.

3. Promulgated Bill(s)

④ Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act

This Bill defines the act of illegally using celebrities’ portraits and names and illegally acquiring and using data as acts of unfair competition. The Bill allows victims of illegally acquiring and using data to utilize remedies, such as injunction, claim for compensation, administrative investigation, and corrective recommendation by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

4. Bill(s) Undergoing Pre-Announcement of Legislation/Administration

⑤ Partial Amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety raised the maximum penalty imposed instead of business suspension from KRW 200 million to KRW 1 billion in the Partial Amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control.

5. Serious Accidents Punishment Act ("SAPA") Related Editorials and Columns from Major Dailies

[Korea Herald Business Daily] To See the Effect of Enforcing the Serious Accidents Punishment Act
[The Korea Economic Daily] The Serious Accidents Punishment Act Changing the Employment Culture
[The Seoul Economic Daily] The Ministry of Employment and Labor Takes Charge of Investigation of Serious Industrial Accidents
[The Financial News] Uneasy Enactment of the Serious Accidents Punishment Act — Voices Calling for Reenactment Even Before the Enforcement

*For more details, please download the PDF file attached.