Legislation & Government Relations Consulting Center 2023-12-06
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Weekly Legislative Report (For the week of November 27, 2023 – December 1, 2023)

As the first-ever Korean law firm to issue specialized legislative journals, DR & AJU LLC has been publishing the monthly Policy & Business (P&B) Report since August 2019. The P&B Report provides analyses of plenary sessions of the National Assembly, as well as standing committee and subcommittee meetings. In addition, the firm has been co-hosting the Future Leaders Forum with the Herald Business, inviting chairpersons of standing committees to discuss relevant legislative issues and tasks.

As an extension of this service, DR & AJU has also been issuing the Weekly Legislative Report, which covers various legal issues at the center of public debate along with editorials and columns on the Serious Accidents Punishment Act (“SAPA”) from major daily news outlets. The report will be released with an update on newly proposed or pending bills. Enclosed is this week’s legislative report, and please refer to the P&B Report for further details.

If you wish to subscribe to the P&B Report or have any other queries, please contact us at .

1. Proposed Bill(s)

① Special Act on the Change of Jurisdiction of Gyeonggi-do and Seoul Metropolitan City  

This Bill excludes Gimpo from the jurisdiction of Gyeonggi-do and establishes Gimpo-gu as a part of Seoul Metropolitan City from January 1, 2025.

② Partial Amendment to the Act on Cord Blood Management and Research

This Amendment establishes the legal basis for using cord blood in advanced regenerative medicine and allows the usage of qualified cord blood in clinical studies.

2. Pending Bill(s)

③ Partial Amendment to the Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act

This Amendment extends the expiration date of this Act from this October to December 31, 2027, enabling the early identification of companies with signs of insolvency and the prompt normalization of such companies through the autonomous deliberation of their creditors. 

3. Promulgated Bill(s)

④ Enforcement Decree of the Hydrogen Economy Promotion and Hydrogen Safety Management Act

This Bill classifies hydrogen into five levels based on the volume of greenhouse gases emitted during their production and importation and prescribes the certification, assessment, and designation of clean-hydrogen evaluation institutions.

4. Bill(s) Undergoing Pre-Announcement of Legislation/Administration

⑤ Partial Amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act

This Amendment introduces the right of data subjects to refuse decisions made automatically by AI technologies and to request an explanation. It also strengthens the qualification requirements for Chief Privacy Officers, mandating at least three years of experience in the personal information protection field and at least six years of experience in related areas such as information protection.

5. Serious Accidents Punishment Act ("SAPA") Related Editorials and Columns from Major Dailies

[The Hankyoreh] Deputy Prime Minister Kyung Ho CHOO Requests Swift Processing of the Extension of the SAPA Application for Businesses with Fewer than 50 Employees
[Maeil Business News] Small and Mid-sized Enterprises Request the Extension of the SAPA Application for Small-scale Businesses
[Yeonhap News] The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Conducts Regular Inspections to Ensure Compliance with Serious Accident Prevention Obligations at Port Construction Sites

*For more details, please download the PDF file attached.