Legislation & Government Relations Consulting Center 2023-04-26
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Weekly Legislative Report (For the week of April 17, 2023 – April 21, 2023)

As the first-ever Korean law firm to issue specialized legislative journals, DR & AJU LLC has been publishing the monthly Policy & Business (P&B) Report since August 2019. The P&B Report provides analyses of plenary sessions of the National Assembly, as well as standing committee and subcommittee meetings. In addition, the firm has been co-hosting the Future Leaders Forum with the Herald Business, inviting chairpersons of standing committees to discuss relevant legislative issues and tasks.

As an extension of this service, DR & AJU has also been issuing the Weekly Legislative Report, which covers various legal issues at the center of public debate along with editorials and columns on the Serious Accidents Punishment Act (“SAPA”) from major daily news outlets. The report will be released with an update on newly proposed or pending bills. Enclosed is this week’s legislative report, and please refer to the P&B Report for further details.

If you wish to subscribe to the P&B Report or have any other queries, please contact us at .

1. Proposed Bill(s)

① Partial Amendment to the Medical Service Act

This Amendment allows non-face-to-face medical diagnosis for new patients through the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

② Partial Amendment to the Housing Act 

This Amendment consolidates real estate regulatory areas that were previously divided into areas subject to adjustment, high-speculation areas, and designated areas into real estate management areas.

2. Pending Bill(s)

 Partial  Amendment to the Fair Hiring Procedure Act

This Amendment prohibits the preferential or special recruitment of children of long-term employees or retirees.

3. Promulgated Bill(s)

④ Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Control of Manufacture of Specific Substances for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

This Enforcement Decree mandates manufacturers and importers of HFC, an alternative refrigerant widely used for substances that deplete the ozone layer, to obtain government approval in accordance with the enforcement of HFC regulations.

4. Bill(s) Undergoing Pre-Announcement of Legislation/Administration

⑤ Partial Amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act

This Amendment raises the threshold amount for capital transactions subject to administrative fines when violating the obligation of mandatory reporting from USD 20,000 to USD 50,000 per transaction.

5. Serious Accidents Punishment Act ("SAPA") Related Editorials and Columns from Major Dailies

[The Korea Economic Daily] First Ruling on "Serious Accident" Case Concluded as in the First Instance ... Prosecutor and Defendant Waive Appeals
[The Korea Economic Daily] Soaring Subscriptions to "Serious Accident Insurance" by Companies Shocked by Conviction of a CEO
[The Herald Business] First Ruling on the Violation of the SAPA Implies Evaluating Risk Factors Which Is More Important than the Budget

*For more details, please download the PDF file attached.