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New Hires 2024-03-05
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Tai Young CHOI, Former Presiding Judge of the Seoul Central District Court, Joins DR & AJU

Mr. Tai Young CHOI, a former Presiding Judge of the Seoul Central District, has joined DR & AJU. 
Starting his career as a judge at the Busan District Court, Mr. Tai Young CHOI served at various levels of the judiciary, especially at the Seoul Family Court, where he served as judge and presiding judge during his seven-year tenure. Notably, he was highly recognized as an expert in domestic affairs.
In addition, during his tenure as a presiding judge at the Seoul Central District Court, Mr. Choi presided over numerous major cases at specialized tribunals, including those concerning corruption, intellectual property, and transportation.
In 2022, he was recognized as an “Outstanding Judge” by the Seoul Bar Association.

At DR & AJU, Mr. Choi will serve as a partner for the Criminal & Domestic Litigation Team under the Special Litigation Group, where he will contribute his expertise across various related fields, including Criminal Defense Litigation, and General Civil Disputes & Domestic Litigation.