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Firm News 2023-11-17
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DR & AJU to Launch a Legal Consultation Chatbot

DR & AJU and Nexus AI will co-launch an AI Legal Consultation Chatbot within this year.
DR & AJU provides advice and litigation cases that it has accumulated, and its soon-to-be-released Legal Consultation Chatbot will provide legal services to the public free of charge.
Jae Won LEE, the representative director of Nexus AI, stated, “Jin Han KIM, the founder of DR & AJU, is a person with a bright insight into future business,” and added, “I met several law firms to build a partnership, but I believe that DR & AJU is the best partner.”
Since June, DR & AJU and Nexus AI have been cooperating on building a dataset for the development of the Large Language Models (LLM)-based legal domain, and the Legal Consultation Chatbot is scheduled to be released early next year at the latest.