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Firm News 2023-06-14
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DR & AJU Launches Corporate Data Protection Center

DR & AJU launched the Corporate Data Protection Center in June to enhance corporate data protection and respond to cybersecurity threats. Partner Jong Sun CHOI, Head of the Center, Partner Sang Bong LEE, Deputy Center Director, Partner Yong Ki CHO, Foreign Attorney Sung-Hoon (Sonny) IM, Partner Min Woo HONG, and Steve LEE, Head of D&A Advisory, Inc., are jointly in charge of the center.

Recently, cyber risk management has become the most pressing concern for businesses. If the core assets of a company, in particular, industrial data, are leaked, companies may suffer from irrecoverable losses and may have to go out of business.
Over the past five years, 93 cases of overseas technology leaks have been reported, with the estimated damage to companies reaching KRW 25 trillion. In addition to conventional methods of acquiring company data such as paying key human resources to leak information, other methods, such as stealing technology by hacking into vulnerable cybersecurity systems, continue to evolve. Therefore, companies must focus on developing prevention strategies and response procedures for cyber threats.

DR & AJU’s Corporate Data Protection Center, comprises attorneys (IP), patent attorneys (DAE-A IP Consulting), and investigators with abundant and diverse experience in courts, prosecution, and the industry, allowing the center to provide prompt and quality one-stop services to our clients.