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Firm News 2023-06-12
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DR & AJU Offers Practical Internships with Actual Trial Experience

Interviews with Partners Sang Soon PARK, Ki Il KIM, and Chan Hee LEE were featured in the special edition of Joining a Law Firm.

The DR & AJU’s two-week internship program is largely divided into common programs and individual programs. The common program includes practical lectures and written assignments, followed by a week-long placement in a specialized team where interns gain hands-on experience working with lawyers. The placements are made in consideration of applicants’ desired fields, careers, and specialties submitted in advance.
DR & AJU Internship is a hands-on internship where interns can experience many of the tasks involved in the legal profession.

DR & AJU also encourages intergenerational communication by supporting various in-house club activities, such as screen golf and watching performances and sports games.

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