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Firm News 2022-11-17
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DR & AJU’s Dong Eon Cha Gives Lecture at the FOMEK Seminar -The 6th FOMEK KEY-Point Seminar on “Serious Accident Punishment Act: Approach from a Compliance Perspective”-

On November 15 (Tue.), Dong Eon Cha, partner at DR & AJU LLC, gave a lecture on “Series Accident Punishment Act: Approach from a Compliance Perspective” at the 6th FOMEK KEY-Point Seminar which was held to prepare strategies for medium-sized enterprises to respond to the Serious Accident Punishment Act (“SAPA”).

This seminar was organized by the Federation of Middle Market Enterprises of Korea (FOMEK) under the theme of “Response Strategy to the SAPA for Mid-sized Enterprises” to assist mid-sized companies to seek effective pre- and post-response measures through the scope of responsibility of prime contractors and the serious accidents certification system.

At this seminar attended by about 100 safety and health officials from about 80 companies, Mr. Cha lectured on “why compliance is the answer for the SAPA,” “what are the important factors of the global ESG supply chain,” “compliance plans for the SAPA,” and the “latest trends related to the SAPA,” focusing on risks in compliance management and ESG management of each subject.

In the following question-and-answer sessions, questions about the “scope of responsible managing officers under the SAPA, the exemption of CEOs’ liability with the presence of Chief Safety Management Officers (“CSOs”), and the extent to which the prime contractor should manage the response of subcontractors to the SAPA” continued, which were answered in details based on related experiences.

Mr. Cha joined DR & AJU in 2018 after working as a departmental chief prosecutor in the 8th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office, a deputy chief prosecutor at the Daegu District Prosecutor’s Office, and a legal advisor to the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC). He currently serves as a lawyer specializing in industrial safety at Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and a member of the Seoul Safety Advisory Council.

Meanwhile, since the SAPA took effect in January this year, DR & AJU’s Serious Accidents Advisory Group has been taking the leading role in the field of serious accidents of the legal market. The Group is currently providing advisory services concerning the SAPA for about 50 institutions, including major conglomerates and public corporations. In addition, the Group hosts a monthly forum for managing industrial safety risks and strengthening industrial safety legislation networks among entrepreneurs by holding SAFE with US! Forum on Industrial Safety for the Prevention of Serious Accidents with Herald Business.