North Korea

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DR & AJU’s RMG consists of professionals with substantial experience and insight into various issues and matters related to North Korea. Among them are former generals familiar with North Korean matters, a former senior US intelligence officer specialized in North Korean affairs, attorneys from China and Russia, and a former head of a private business group which has been exploring business opportunities with North Korea.
The team collects information on North Korea’s politics, military, and economy through human intelligence. Based on such information, the team provides clients with advisory support regarding North Korean threats and insights required for understanding and mitigating potential threats to their businesses. Our services go one step further, closely monitoring changes in North Korea’s political dynamics and striving to spot business opportunities for our clients. The RMG also publishes regular monitoring reports on North Korean issues.

By applying international standards for risk management, the RMG offers customized security consulting services. We help businesses create and document well-planned approaches to addressing and managing potential corporate security risks or threats. Our services include risk and security assessment, crisis management, emergency evacuation training, executive protection, and security expert dispatch.

We also offer a range of comprehensive security consulting services specifically adapted to and focused on the Korean Peninsula. Moreover, we ensure to notify our clients if and when an imminent threat has been detected in order for them to activate their emergency response systems.

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