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With a solid understanding of the legal demand and cultural characteristics of North America, DR & AJU provides comprehensive and systematic legal services ranging from legal support in the local area to consultations on Korean companies' expansion into the North American market. Having built close ties with reputable local law firms, we provide prompt and effective legal services to various customers including companies, institutions, and individuals.
The DR & AJU North America Practice Group consists of various competent experts, including 15 US attorneys admitted in California, Washington DC, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Equipped with unique expertise and fluent language skills, our Korean attorneys who have accumulated abundant knowledge and practical experience after completing their studies in North America also add significant value to team.

DR & AJU provides distinguished legal services, especially in the field of international contracts between Korea and the US. In addition, our dedicated North America team has made remarkable achievements in areas of e-commerce, information security, construction, energy, and finance, with team members' in-depth expertise in civil law and customary law related to inter-jurisdictional transactions.

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