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DR & AJU LLC provides a wide range of tax-related legal advisory services, such as national tax, local tax, international tax, and customs, by the myriads of experts in the tax field with many years of practical experience, encompassing competent lawyers and certified public accountants and the National Tax Service, Korea Customs Service, and Tax Tribunal.
We provide tax advice related to corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and clear solutions to various disputes that may arise in the international tax field, which is emerging as an acute issue directly related to corporate profits as various tax issues related to domestic and foreign investment and financial transactions and international transactions increase.

Tariffs are used as a vital means in foreign trade policy and if the FTA is implemented in full-scale in the future, more disputes are expected. DR & AJU LLC is building a close teamwork with lawyers with rich experience in the customs field, customs brokers, accountants, advisors from the Korea Customs Service, and expert members through close business partnership with ‘SDR Inc.’.

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