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Arbitration is a procedure for resolving judicial disputes by appointing a third party as an arbitrator according to an agreement between the parties to the dispute. In particular, in the case of disputes in a field that requires a high degree of expertise, the use of arbitration systems is gradually increasing in each specialized field in that a more consistent judgment can be obtained through the formation of an arbitrator with expertise.
DR & AJU's Arbitration PG seeks to resolve disputes quickly and effectively through systematic collaboration with a specialized team for each case based on arbitrators and arbitration case representation experience. It is composed of lawyers from judges, such as chief judges of various courts, who have extensive experience in arbitration cases as lawyers as well as arbitrators, and lawyers who have faithfully performed litigation and advisory services in each area of ​​expertise. is becoming a reliable partner you can rely on.

Depending on the nature of the dispute, we will guide you through the optimal dispute resolution procedure from the customer's point of view, based on professional judgment on whether it is appropriate to settle in the arbitration procedure or whether it can be resolved through the arbitration procedure.

The organic and systematic collaboration is undertaken with a team in the relevant field of expertise. In the case of arbitration application and respondent's representation, depending on the nature of each case.

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