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DR & AJU's Registration/Auction Team has been operating a specialized team of lawyers/employees for about 18 years since 2002, performing various registration tasks such as commercial (company) registration, special registration, real estate registration and electronic registration.
In addition, based on the know-how accumulated while processing thousands of registrations in the form of electronic registration applications, since the introduction of the electronic registration application system in about 2006,

patents and We have registered copyright, developed our own pilot system and provided consulting services for the establishment of an electronic registration system for financial institutions in 2012. Currently, we have been selected as a legal representative for electronic registration at a leading financial institution and are performing electronic registration work. Furthermore, the registration/auction team has contributed to the successful introduction of the integrated electronic registration system by participating in the project to build an integrated support system for real estate safety transactions hosted by the Court Administration and providing advice and test support.

  • Main Services
      • Non-face-to-face electronic registration
      • Advisory on general electronic registration business, electronic registration system construction
      • DR & AJU provides consulting on non-face-to-face service solutions to financial institutions based on know-how accumulated over many years, and holds the copyright for electronic registration service programs, so it can provide non-exclusive licenses to partner financial institutions.
      • Commercial (company) registration
      • Establishment registration, capital increase/decrease registration, stock/bond registration, change registration (purpose, executive, trade name), head office/branch registration, dissolution/liquidation registration, limited/joint name/joint partnership registration
      • special registration
      • Trust registration, association/foundation registration, agricultural company/farming association registration, merger/split registration, social welfare/living cooperative registration, real estate investment company/CR REIT registration, medical/religious/other registration
      • real estate registration
      • All registrations related to real estate, such as ownership preservation, ownership transfer registration, provisional registration, inheritance/gift registration, near mortgage/jeonse right setting registration, various cancellation registration and change registration, overseas national/foreigner registration, etc.
  • Representative Matters
      • Non-face-to-face electronic registration.
      • Advised S Bank Electronic Registration System Construction
      • Represented for electronic registration of bank W, bank I, bank H, bank N, etc.
      • Represented for the real estate electronic contract system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
      • Undertook HF Korea Housing Finance Corporation Electronic erasure of securitized assets consulting and legal representative
      • Undertook HF Korea Housing Finance Corporation Housing pension electronic registration legal representative Consulting for the first electronic trust registration in Korea
      • Participated in the Supreme Court Internet Registry workspace
      • Undertook commercial (company) registration
      • Undertook collective real estate registrations for GS Retail Co., Ltd., Servone Co., Ltd., LH Corporation, Paju Housing Co., Ltd., Homaesil Housing Co., Ltd., Geumgok Housing Co., Ltd., Agricultural Corporation Nokwon Ranch Co., Ltd., Housing Welfare Foundation, Saneun Capital 6 car securitization specialist Co., Ltd. Company, Plusta Co., Ltd. No. 1 corporate restructuring action
      • Industrial Investment Company, Pure & Natural Case Y, Technology Finance No. 1 Private Equity Fund (PEF), CJ 1st Securitization Specialist Co., Ltd., China International Travel Agency Korea Co., Ltd., United F Primary Company Financial Stability Private Equity Company (PEF), MGMRO Co., Ltd. trade name registration, Hite Incorporated
      • Cultural Foundation, Thecker Co., Ltd., Shinan Energy Co., Ltd., Jinro Co., Ltd., Hite Brewery Co., Ltd., Fine Construction Co., Ltd.
      • Undertook registration of ownership transfer due to LG Electronics spin-off (real estate owned by LG Electronics nationwide)
      • Undertook Poonglim Industrial Wolgot Poonglim I-One Apartment 2nd and 4th (about 1,500 households)
      • Undertook Poonglim Industrial Busan Songdo Poonglim I-One Apartment (about 100 households)
      • Undertook SK E&C Haeundae SK View Apartment (about 3,000 households)
      • Undertook Hyundai E&C Dongsomun Hyundai Hometown Apartment (About 800 households)
      • Undertook Korea Land Trust Gimcheon Koaru Apartment 1st, 2nd round (about 750 households)
      • Undertook Korea Land Trust Jinhae Noksan Koaru Apartment (about 150 households)
      • Undertook Korea Land Trust Hongcheon Yeonbong Cheongsol Apartment (about 300 households)
      • Undertook Good Morning City (about 1,850 households)
      • Undertook Yojin Development Y City Apartment, Dong-gu, Ilsan (about 2,702 households)
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