Transportation, Industrial Accident, Healthcare & Environment

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With the development of transportation and industry in modern society, disputes related to traffic accidents and industrial accidents are continuously occurring, and the cases of such disputes are also diversifying, and in particular, insurance and medical issues are becoming a problem together. In addition, with the advancement of medicine, it has become possible to receive good medical services, and yet medical disputes are also on the rise due to the increase in the population, in life expectancy, in social medical services, and the commercialization of medicine., this is a situation that has even emerged as a social problem. Even in developed countries, as the proportion of costs related to litigation or medical accident liability insurance has increased due to the increase in medical disputes, it has played a role in increasing the burden on the national economy by causing an increase in medical expenses. This phenomenon is gradually expanding in Korea as well. Furthermore, with the development of science, disputes due to various environmental problems are continuously increasing, and as there are cases that require scientific background knowledge such as specialized medicine and chemical issues, we have specialized knowledge to deal with a situation that requires the response of manpower.
DR & AJU has successfully undertaken various types of litigation, such as litigation for damages, the most basic form of civil disputes, in various fields ranging from transportation/industrial accidents/medical/environment, as well as providing comprehensive legal advice. In particular, by forming a team in charge of medical litigation, we are doing our best to provide the most efficient solution to prevent disputes and minimize losses to groups and individuals in the event of a dispute.

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