Corporate Governance & Shareholder Disputes

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DR & AJU offers a wide range of professional legal services for general corporate matters, including corporate governance structure, composition and operation of the board of directors and shareholder's meeting, strategic alliance, management defense, restructuring, capitalization issues, shareholder disputes, and commercial disputes and transactions. Furthermore, we provide advanced legal services related to the establishment of domestic subsidiaries for foreign companies, establishment of a joint venture, branch and liaison office, foreign exchange, etc. In particular, we offer our prestigious legal services related to venture or IT companies in high-tech industries, from establishment of the corporation to listing on the KOSDAQ.
In the current corporate environment where corporate structures are becoming more complex, various corporate disputes related to shareholder's rights, corporate ethics, dissemination of corporate public offerings, increased interests on the responsibility of directors, etc. arise. These disputes can easily expand beyonds the internal limits of the company and grow exponentially to become a social problem. Therefore, efforts for adequate conciliation are becoming a necessity. DR&AJU offers its comprehensive legal services to address such corporate disputes effectively and successfully. Furthermore, ethical management and social responsibility of corporations are becoming a phenomenon recognized over the world, as can be seen from the FCPA of the U.S. and Anti-graft laws of Korea. Legislations and law enforcements are taking extra steps to enforce ethical management and anti-corruption. DR&AJU also offers experienced counsel in issues of anti-corruption, improvement and analysis of internal management system for subsidiaries, compliance training for employees, implementation of bylaws on anti-corruption and associated programs, internal audits and response to investigations by regulators.

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