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DR & AJU's M&A PG has grown remarkably since the 2000s and is currently providing complete services for clients based on its experience in dealing with M&A as well as many related tasks. Furthermore, DR & AJU's M&A Practice Group provides legal advice before and after M&A to leading domestic companies based on extensive experience and know-how. It is continuously making investments and preparations for client satisfaction.
For disputes over management rights, DR & AJU provides a comprehensive advisory service by establishing strategies to defend or secure management rights by a thorough analysis of the problems of the current management structure, ensuring fair shares in preparation for resolution of the general shareholders' meeting and the board of directors, and observing the sessions.

In addition, professional and comprehensive consulting is provided to clients by conducting related lawsuits such as injunction of effect at shareholders' meetings or board of directors, the injunction of job execution for directors and auditors, reading shareholders' lists and accounting books, a request to ban voting rights.

DR & AJU's financial advisory field is distinguished for domestic and foreign companies. They were outstanding experts in each field, diagnosing and preventing corporate risks. When threats occur, they liaise closely with other financial-related areas to provide optimal solutions. We promise to provide professional and distinguished advisory services in all aspects of the company based on our experience of signing legal advisory contracts with domestic and foreign businesses, large and small businesses, government investment institutions, and various financial institutions.

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