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The Antitrust and Competition Team of DR & AJU is comprised of a total of 40 experts, including lawyers from the Fair Trade Commission, advisors from the vice-chairman of the Fairtrade Commission, and lawyers specializing in Antitrust cases.
Our team is specialized in establishing a precautionary process and covers all stages of dispute resolution, from responding to on-site investigations by the Fair Trade Commission, proposing the most effective risk management plan for legal violations, and litigation against complaints. We provide a one-stop legal service. With our comprehensive understanding of various industries, we listen to customers' concerns and offers insightful and optimal alternatives, and have achieved numerous achievements in the meantime. Notably, we have subdivided the ‘Antitrust Advisory/Compliance Team’ and ‘Antitrust Incident Response Team’ in order to place the best experts in each field and to provide more efficient and accurate solutions for each stage of the case.

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