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DR & AJU LLC's Serious Accidents Practice Group was established to help corporate executives better mitigate the legal risks to be brought about by the newly enacted Serious Accidents Punishment Act ("SAPA") (becoming effective on January 27, 2022).
The Serious Accidents Practice Group is led by Young Kyu KIM, a partner well experienced in the industrial safety area. He has handled numerous cases on the Occupational Safety and Health Act during his service as the Director of Division 3 of the Public Safety Department at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office. Other members of the Serious Accidents Practice Group include experts in criminal prosecution/litigation, labor, construction, fair trade, and legislation.

DR & AJU has recently proved innocence for the former executives of the humidifier sterilizer sales company by nullifying causality between the accidents and the liabilities of the management. With the experiences in such relevant cases and expertise of being the first-ever Korean law firm to provide legislative information. From an initial stage, DR & AJU provides expert attorneys, legal advisors, and counsels for a comprehensive response to relevant investigative agencies such as the Employment and Labor Administration, the police, the prosecutors’ office.

DR & AJU will provide the guidelines for public and private corporate management to prepare for the SAPA.

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