Artificial Intelligence

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The AI Practice of DR & AJU comprises lawyers and experts who majored in related fields such as robotics, electrical engineering, and blockchain.
Along with the 4th industrial revolution, new technological innovations are emerging in various fields such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, blockchain, autonomous driving, fintech, virtual reality, and metaverse. In the 4th industry that utilizes such new technologies, a proper systems and regulations are often not in place. Due to the uncertainty about the business model, professional legal services are essential. Our AI Practice is composed of lawyers and experts with professional backgrounds in the 4th industry such as robotics, electrical engineering, and blockchain, providing professional legal advice based on comprehensive understanding and experience in technology.

Our AI Practice forms a response team on occasion with lawyers in each field, and provides a one-stop service in the technology field ranging from start-up, licensing, investment procurement, various transaction relations, IPO, and M&A.

We introduced an unprecedented artificial intelligence legal system as a local law firm in 2018 and is actively using the technology of the 4th industry in legal services, such as introducing an artificial intelligence legal document search and analysis system in 2021.

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