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As the entertainment, sports and game sector is making a meteoric rise as a high value business, contract issues and copyright infringements have become pressing issues for artists, managers, promoters and other industry participants. At DR & AJU, our lawyers provide clients with legal advice on various associated legal sectors, including talent portrait and trademark rights, copyright issues in regards to broadcasting, trademarks of sports organizations, and conflicts under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. We also adviseson various legal conflicts that local governments and the tourism industry may encounter due to the invigoration of the tourism and leisure industry.

      • Represent in litigation for a celebrity’s portrait rights, the right of name, publicity right
      • Represent in litigation for broadcasting program, performances, and sports game
      • Advise management companies on exclusive contracts, advertising contracts, etc.
      • Advise on creation of contracts on movies/albums/performances
      • Advise on regulations for tourist industry and leisure industry
  • Representative Matters
      • Represented a celebrity in litigation for the infringement on publicity right.
      • Represented EBS in litigation for the ban on use of the company name and claim for cancellation.
      • Represented in a mediation on a dispute regarding the usage of domain related to a celebrity’s name.
      • Represented Securitas AB in litigation for arbitration of disputes on domain.
      • Represented in a lawsuit on the Music Industry Promotion Act.
      • Represented in a lawsuit on the Game Industry Promotion Act.
      • Advised on the negotiation and execution of contracts regarding utilization of games and development of derivative works.
      • Advised an application developer on the usage of public image and name of a celebrity.
      • Advised JK Film on the remake of an Indian film in Korea.
      • Advised Haha Entertainment on an Endorsement Agreement.
      • Advised the Bolshoi Opera and the Bolshoi Ballet on the collection of debt in Korea.
      • Advised the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea regarding a press arbitration.
      • Advised the Korean Fine Arts Association on general legal matters.
      • Advised the Korea National Park Service on general legal matters.
      • Advised Arirang TV/Radio on general legal matters.
      • Advised Korean Broadcasting System on general legal matters.
      • Advised Sportstotokorea Co., Ltd. on general legal matters.
      • Advised Kwangneung Country Club on general legal matters.
      • Advised EA Korea on general legal matters.
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