Reconstruction & Redevelopment (Remodeling)

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DR & AJU's Reconstruction and Redevelopment Team comprises experienced attorneys with extensive experience in the reconstruction and redevelopment sector. Based on our profound understanding on the unique characteristics of the field, we offer tailored legal advisory and litigation services to address each client’s needs.
Our Reconstruction and Redevelopment Team offers a full range of services, spanning from legal consultations to address the full spectrum of issues encountered by reconstruction/redevelopment associations to representation and expert support for litigations, including injunctions and civil, administrative, and criminal lawsuits. Our clientele includes leading domestic constructors, for whom we provide a comprehensive range of legal services, including advisory to litigation support for urban redevelopment projects. Moreover, our team also provides legal counsel on the multifaceted aspects crucial for leading remodeling projects within new towns to success.

  • Main Services
      • Advice on various legal issues related to the work of the reconstruction/redevelopment association (including the association establishment promotion committee)
      • Various litigation affairs (civil, administrative, criminal) in which the reconstruction/redevelopment association (including the association establishment promotion committee) is a party
      • Litigation for sale requests, land expropriation, etc.
      • Litigation arguing over the effectiveness of acts of associations and administrative agencies, such as approval for association establishment, business implementation, and management disposition plan
      • Various lawsuits that contest the validity of the resolution of the general meeting of the association
      • Various advice on the Housing Act, the Land Planning and Utilization Act, and the Building Act
      • Advised on remodeling business
      • Litigation and advisory service on various issues that arise in connection with the construction company's urban redevelopment project
      • Litigation and advisory services on the validity of the contract, such as the termination of the contract for construction.
      • Litigation and advisory services related to contractor's means of securing receivables for construction proceeds
  • Representative Matters
      • Litigation and advice on the formation, approval, and cancellation of dispositions for approval of the association establishment promotion committee on behalf of association B, association W, etc.
      • Litigation and advice on whether the resolution of the association promotion committee on behalf of the B association, W association, etc. is effective
      • Various litigation and advice regarding the dismissal of the promotion chairman representing the B and W associations
      • A sale claiming on behalf of the B, G, H, S, etc.
      • Building name change (India) litigation and related injunctions on behalf of the G and H associations
      • Civil litigation and advice (confirmation of invalidity of management disposition plan, etc., dismissal general meeting) related to the establishment, authorization, and approval of the reconstruction/redevelopment association on behalf of D, G, H, J, N, W, etc. litigation and advice on resolutions, association operating expenses, etc., invalidation of resolutions at the general meeting of association)
      • Criminal litigation and advice related to the establishment, authorization, and approval of the reconstruction/redevelopment association, etc.
      • Providing comprehensive legal advice related to reconstruction and redevelopment to G, S, J, H, W, B, I, etc.
      • Reconstruction and redevelopment-related work of construction companies
      • Provided comprehensive legal advice on reconstruction and redevelopment projects to H Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and G Construction Co., Ltd. (constructors and reconstruction companies)
      • Related to the contractual relationship between the association, the method of securing the contract for the construction price of the contractor, the selection of the construction company for the housing reconstruction project, etc.)
      • Litigation to confirm the status of the contractor acting on behalf of the house and disposition to suspend the selection of the contractor
      • Representation of H Construction Co., Ltd., Y Construction Co., Ltd.
      • Litigation for deposit refund on behalf of S C&T Corporation
      • Represented D Construction H Engineering Co., Ltd., J Industrial Development Co., Ltd., G Architecture Office, D Co., Ltd., E Industrial Development Co., Ltd. for damages claim
      • Representation of Y Construction Co., Ltd. to confirm the validity of the contract
      • Loan claim lawsuit on behalf of S Construction Co., Ltd.
      • Litigation for service charges on behalf of P Co., Ltd. and Y Co., Ltd.
      • Proceeding in a case of injunction to suspend the effect of a resolution on behalf of T Co., Ltd.
      • Proceeding in a case of injunction prohibiting payment of trading price on behalf of G Corporation
      • Represented B Construction Co., Ltd. in a case of injunction against obstruction of construction
      • Busan Dongnae-gu Oncheon-dong redevelopment project
      • Ulsan Yaeum-dong housing redevelopment project
      • Seongnam High School-dong Redevelopment Project
      • Seongnam Hasan Movement Redevelopment Project
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