General Civil Disputes & Domestic Litigation

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In the civil litigation field, DR & AJU has traditionally boasted a high winning rate, and in particular, provides prompt and reasonable legal services to minimize the efforts and costs of clients. We are doing our best to secure customer rights, such as using mediation and arbitration systems, or reaching a direct settlement, when it is determined through long field experience that a non-litigation approach is sometimes more effective. In case of disputes related to foreign countries, we provide more effective and accurate dispute resolution solutions by providing accurate data on the laws and precedents of the respective countries through close cooperation with foreign law firms.
As the concept of family relations has recently changed, such as gender equality and the abolition of patriarchal family system, domestic incidents are occurring in various forms. Divorce by agreement is divided into divorce by agreement and divorce by court. Divorce by agreement takes effect when two people agree to divorce, obtain confirmation of their intention to divorce by agreement in front of a judge in the court, and report it according to the Family Relationship Registration Act. Divorce in court is a divorce procedure in which both parties do not agree to divorce despite the grounds for divorce, and thus the effect of divorce is effected by judgment. Judicial divorce proceedings are also divided into mediation divorce and litigation divorce.

In case of inheritance-related litigation, there are a request for restoration of inheritance in which the true heir requests the return of the inherited property against the true heir, a claim for oil for the minimum livelihood guarantee and fair distribution of inheritance for heirs who have not received a bequest.

DR & AJU provides the best services related to domestic disputes via various precedents, legal review and business collaboration, centering on lawyers who have served as chief judges and chief prosecutors.

      • Advise on matters involving divorce, nullification of marriage, confirmation of the existence of a biological parental relationship, etc.
      • Represent clients in lawsuits on child support, divorce, etc.
      • Represent and advise clients regarding division of property, renunciation of inheritance, division of inheritance, etc.
  • Representative Matters
      • Represented S C&T in indemnity litigation between L General Insurance
      • Represented S E&C against the Seo-gu Office of Incheon Metropolitan City for cancellation of charges
      • Represented K Trust in litigation for damages under the trust contract
      • Represented Korea Land and Housing Corporation in litigation for refund of sale price for migrant housing site
      • Represented Umyeonsan landslide-related lawsuit
      • Represented Korea Real Estate Trust in litigation of trust violation
      • Represented for the sinking of the Seohae Ferry
      • Represented for the case related to the collapse of Sampoong Department Store
      • Represented about 1,000 workers including dismissed workers from Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Heavy Industries
      • Represented Seoul Metropolitan Government in a heavy taxation lawsuit related to the acquisition of Lone Star Star Tower
      • Represented for a case of claiming a loan worth KRW 3.9 billion between Choheung Bank and Hyosung Co., Ltd.
      • Represented loan refund litigation between the consolidation company Daewoo Motors and six financial institutions including Korea Development Bank
      • Represented litigation between SK Networks and Dongyang Financial Securities Co., Ltd. for the repurchase of beneficiary certificates
      • Represented litigation claiming about 25 billion won in contract money between Cheil Mutual Savings Bank and Seoul Mutual Savings Bank
      • Litigation between KIKO-damaged small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and banks for the return of unfair profits (a total of 50 cases)
      • Litigation for insurance money refund between Hyundai Merchant Marine and Korea Export Insurance Corporation
      • Represented a number of construction companies including Hyundai E&C and Byucksan E&C for infringement of the right to sunlight
      • Represented litigation against Samsung Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for injunction against the sale of steam
      • Represented heat supply litigation between Cosmo Chemical and Korea Zinc
      • Represented litigation for division of property worth 00 billion won between businessman A and his spouse B
      • Represented celebrity A's divorce and property division lawsuit
      • Represented businesswoman A's lawsuit for inheritance recovery
  • Professionals
      • Chambers Asia-Pacific, Band 4 ranking in Litigation (2023)
      • The Legal 500 Asia Pacific, Tier 3 ranking in Dispute Resolution (2022)
      • Chambers Asia-Pacific, Band 4 ranking in Litigation (2022)
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