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Energy & Infrastructure 2020-09-28
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Melissa PARK, Head of DR & AJU’s Global Energy and Infrastructure Practice Group, Successfully Closes Large-Scale Solar Power Generation Projects in Australia by Comprehensively Advising Acquisition, Development, and Financing

Melissa Park, head of DR & AJU’s Global Energy and Infrastructure Practice Group, oversaw and advised on the 162MW solar power plant development project in Australia. Ms. Park supervised international top-tier advisory firms and contributed greatly to the project’s success. 

As this project’s sponsor, Hana Securities is the first domestic investor to lead a successful energy project from its beginning stages in the power plant business market of developed countries, which is known for its high entry barriers and cut-throat competition. Hana Securities also elevated the global standing of domestic investors by procuring about KRW 170 billion (approx. USD 131 million) in project financing from international financial institutions.

In addition, as this project was developed under the initiative of Hana Securities, the company was able to facilitate the involvement of domestic companies in parts supply contracts and O&M contracts, which helped establish a foothold for domestic players to enter the power generation business market in developed countries.

Hana Securities noted, "Melissa PARK, Head of Global Energy and Infrastructure Practice Group, contributed greatly to this successful process. DR & AJU’s Global Energy and Infrastructure Practice Group provides distinct legal services from existing law firms. Notably, Ms. Park comprehensively provided advisory from A to Z on risk planning, management, and mitigation in development projects based on her experience at top global law firms and used her high level of expertise to systematically reason and negotiate away all arising problems with the counterparty.

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